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a local vet said. "No matter how fa▓t a pig is, it cannot live for five days without food and water." But▓ it seems that ▓the collapsed sty hemmed the animal into a tiny slot,▓ restricting its movements and thus reducing its need for food. The he

avy rain that followed th▓e quake was another decisive factor▓ in the isolated ▓pig's survival▓. And its pre-quake bulk was an i▓nternal reserve of energy that the pig dre▓w on during its ordeal. "The pig performed a mir

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acle i▓n the disaster," a local newspaper said. "Its strong ▓will to live kept it alive." ▓A stamp buyer▓ said:"I saw t▓he news on T-V, and came to buy some for relatives▓ and friends who we

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▓re born in the▓ year of the pig."Related stories:The big "Valentine" is▓ seen in a woman's arms. (Photo: xinh▓▓NG, Feb. 14 (Xin▓huanet) - An 11-▓day-old piglet becam▓e the cent

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er of attention at ByFord's F▓arm near Newent, southwest▓ern England.▓The little, the youngest of a litter of seven, was born with a heart-shaped patch


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on its side and thus was dubbed "Val▓entine" by its specialist breeder Eric Freeman."The ▓clear heart-shaped mark is a first I have even seen in my l